Master of Divinity


  • 96 credit hours. 
  • 36 subjects.
    • 28 online subjects. (1 course each month, except December)
    • 08 residential subjects. (2 courses in June over 10 days)
  • Study Areas.
    • 12 subjects        – Ministry
    • 4 subjects          – Spiritual Formation
    • 3 subjects          – Church History

First Year

Year 1-FSSubjectsCreditsYear 1-SSSubjects Credits
22200Intro. to NT I322200Intro. to NT II3
PH311Intro. to Biblical Ethics322100Hermeneutics3
PH103Intro. to Philosophy332960Intro. to Christian Missions3
EN101English Composition I1EN102English Composition II1
 Biblical Theology3Theological Systems3
LN321Greek I3LN232Greek II3
  16  13

Second Year

Year 2-FSSubjectsCredits Year 2-SS Subjects Credits
22200Intro. to OT I320220Intro. to OT II3
27060Systematic Theology I327070Systematic Theology II3
PSY101Introduction to Psychology325100Church History I3
40150Personal Spiritual Disciplines1CN101Intro. to Bib. Counseling3
40149Personal Evangelism3Elective1
LN232Greek Syntax & Exegesis3LN321Hebrew 13
  16  16

Third Year

Year 3-FSSubjectsCreditsYear 3-SSSubjectsCredits
27080Systematic Theology III325140Church History III3
25120Church History II3PR206Preaching II3
PR205Preaching I340301Pastoral Ministry1
45260Discipleship & Family Ministry1IN102Internship3
IN101Internship3 Elective3
LN322Hebrew II320440Heb. Syntax & Exegesis3
  16  16

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